Wild Chanterelles!


Over the winter, I spent some time mushroom hunting up on the old Beaty Ridge trail behind the camp. I was lucky enough to find a few good patches of Chanterelles.

You need to hit them just right or it won't pay off. One of the patches was a week or so too old and all water logged from the rain. I'll make a mental note on the location of those mushrooms and try and hit them a bit earlier in the season next year. The mushrooms will come up in the same place year after year. so you just have to get the timing right. The Chanterelles above were just right though. I let them air dry for a 

couple of days after cleaning and did them up very simply with olive oil, garlic and parmesan over pasta. Really good and well worn the effort.

I went back to those patches on the hill trail several times after that but I never seemed to hit it just right like i did that first day. Either way, it's a good excuse to be out and getting some exercise during the winter.

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