Tattoos & Stickers!


Kids love stickers.

I have a bunch of Firefighter badge stickers that I give to kids to help break the ice and welcome them to the camp. CalFire, our neighbors up the hill are very kind and provide me with swag for the little ones. This year, I thought I'd get a real Schoolhouse sticker made to pass out for the kids to stick on their shirts. I was thinking that many of the return children and regulars might be getting sick of the same old CalFire badge.

As I was designing the piece and thinking about the kinds of things I liked when I was a little kid, I realized that there is something way cooler than a sticker. That's right, tattoos! I loved tattoos when I was little. It seemed that I always had some sort of half-faded partially peeled tattoo on my arm.

So I switched gears and found a place that created an excellent quality temporary tattoo of the Schoolhouse Canyon logo. If your kids ask nicely, I would be happy to give them one. I'll even help put it on if you like. These are really good tattoos and will last up to about two weeks so I think I better have parents permission before giving these out. I don't want somebody's mom or dad mad at me. Also- no sticking them on necks or hands. That's a bit scary. Have fun and come see me for a Schoolhouse tattoo.

Sticker for your car? 

I also have a beautiful 4" bumper sticker of he Schoolhouse logo that looks really great on a dark car window or cargo carrier. These cost me quite a bit more than the tattoos so I'm a bit more selective in giving them out. 

Here is the criteria: if you are willing to stick it on your car where it can be seen by the public, I will give you one. I don't give them to people to stick on a coffee cup however. Please feel free to stop by the office if you would like one for your car and thank you very much for camping at Schoolhouse!

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