Soft Opening


We had a soft opening this year and opened the camp a week early for a great group of campers in VW bus’. Most of the bus’ were vintage like the one above and they could not have been a cooler group. This is an eclectic sub culture of VW enthusiasts and I love them. I have to say that they have just about inspired me to buy a bus.

They all revolve around a blog here:

By coincidence, my mom Shelley ( and occasional ranger assistant at the camp) has a Westfalia camper and she came out to join the group for a couple of nights. These wonderful people made her feel so welcome and encouraged her to join their Westie group. Very cool of them.

This is the third year of the “Bus City Camp Out” and the first year at Schoolhouse Canyon.The first two years were at Casini’s, but that was not exactly the right spot for these small campers. We were just right.

There was about twenty of these bus’ all over the camp. Some were from the 80’s and some were from the 60’s. The bus seem to appeal to a mature crowd (35 or 40 YO +) and because of that or maybe in spite of that, they were a mellow, calm group of campers. The loudest they got was singing songs around the campfire with a guitar one night. 

This is exactly what I’m looking for at Schoolhouse and I wish they would come back every week. They had such a good time, they are looking to come back next year. If you’d like to join them, you can find out more here:

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