Memorial Day 2011


When it rains, the tough go camping.

The weather this year has been difficult to say the least. We made it open by Memorial day, but just barely. It’s not that I haven’t been on the job. we have cleaned every stick, twig and leaf out of the camp six times this year. It just won’t stop storming though and each time we have to start all over again.

I made it open by the deadline and the campers streamed in. We were totally full, which is not unusual, but was was out of the norm was the quality of camper we had for the holiday weekend. These people were true campers. We had mostly small groups of 4 to 8 people and every site was full. It was the most mellow and calm holiday weekend I have ever experienced at Schoolhouse (or any other campground for that matter).

It sprinkled two out of the three days, but it did not bother the campers too much. These people were happy and just seemed to take it all in stride, sitting around the campfire maybe a little closer than they would have otherwise. If you were here and one of my campers on Memorial day, thank you. You were great.

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