How to get a Last Minute Campsite


How to get a last minute campsite at Schoolhouse Canyon - Reservation or Walk in

Here's a secret: even when the message on the phone says I'm full, I often have a campsite open at the last minute. Why, you might ask? Because the reservation system at Schoolhouse is ever changing and organic, not hard fast or solid. People get sick, cars break down and a myriad of other things pop up that opens a site at Schoolhouse at the last minute, even on a weekend.

Your chances of getting a site as a walk in:

Monday through Thursday - no problem, just come. You don't need a reservation and I will probably have a site for you. July and August can be busy so you will not be able to be too picky about your campsite during this time.

Friday - I often have a site but I'm trying to fill it for the weekend so I'll likely be looking for a two night minimum. Also understand that I would have already upgraded my campers with reservations so I may not have one of my best sites, but you will still be in the best campground on the Russian River.

Saturday - this is the most difficult night of the week to get a site as a walk in. Come early if you are going to try.

Sunday - can be hit or miss. Sunday is more popular than weekdays but not so popular as Friday and Saturday.

How to get a site as a walk in:

Be pleasant and be right for the campground.

Know that I'm not going to let a college frat party with two kegs of beer and monster trucks into the campground. It just would not be a good fit. If you are two couples or a small family, Schoolhouse is right for you. I'm looking for quiet, well behaved, people that get along well with others. I try to fill the camp with happy people that are here for nature and the Russian River valley experience.

Be here early. Like most other successes in life, the important part is to just show up. Come in the morning or early afternoon and just say "hi". Be present. Most last minute openings on a weekend go to someone that is present, pleasant, and persistent. Things can change for me even over the course of an hour or two so if I don't have a site at the time, leave your cell number. I'll do my

best for you.

How to get a site with a last minute reservation:

Be aware that all reservations, even last minute reservations, require a two night minimum. Be ready to answer the phone if I call with an opening. I don't usually leave a message when I call from the wait list. I will only have one site and leaving messages can cause problems as the site could book quickly. You may want to add Schoolhouse Canyon's number into your contact list. It may help you to take the call if you know it's me calling. Know that if you are a regular and I know your party, you will be high on my list if an opening happens. Be ready to come camping if so. I can't tell you have many times people ask to be on the wait list, then can’t get it together to come when I call because they didn't think it would happen. Most of my cancellations happen just a a day or two before so it can work out for someone willing to come last minute.

Finally, know that I run the camp mostly by myself and I am not typically able to answer the phone when calls come in. This is especially true on weekends. If you are in the area and need a campsite, your best bet is to come in and see me. Even if I am unable to accommodate you, I will help as best I am able. I know several of the owners of other campgrounds in the area and sometimes hear of availability elsewhere. I will do my best for you either way. 

Get on the wait list by leaving a message and letting me know the details about your party. If you are willing to take one of the lower sites at the bottom of the canyon nearest River Road and can tolerate some traffic noise from River Road, your odds of getting a site just doubled.

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