Camper Dave


Camper Dave is a fixture around Schoolhouse. He helps out with all sorts of things, but mainly keeps an eye on the camp and greets guests. You may have seen him in the upper camp? His favorite site is #29.

The above is my favorite Camper Dave picture. He had agreed to help me clean out the canyon on the way to the old Beaty Ridge trail. The canyon had about 45 years of accumulated junk and several trips to the dump in the old Willys Jeep was in order. Funny, it only took Dave a couple of hours to move a pile of wood and find a big hornet’s nest. Pursuit ensued. Dave ended up with about a dozen welts and a flat tire due to a collision with a sharp rock. Not his best day. 

I caught up with him the next day and snapped this picture. He was on his way back down to the canyon to finish the job. He had a can of wasp spray and had outfitted himself with many layers of clothing and a sweet straw hat. Notice the duct tape sealing up his clothes so the hornets won’t get in again. Nice touch and it actually worked. Dave won out over the hornets and the canyon is neat and cleaned up. Thanks Dave, you made my day.

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